The most popular form of sleep apnea treatment is the use of a Continuous Positive Air Passage Pressure (CPAP) device and a comfortable sleep apnea mask. In fact, sleep apnea specialists specify that the success of CPAP equipment therapy rests upon atmospheric pressure that the patient can endure and a comfortably fitted sleep apnea mask. You might be wondering though — what do you need to know about buying the right mask and CPAP machine in Albury? It is a good question when the effectiveness of the treatment can very well depend on them.

Choosing the right CPAP mask for sleep therapy

Now one would think that providing tolerable CPAP atmospheric pressure and having a comfortable apnea mask is an easy task. There is, after all, no shortage of sleep apnea masks for sale in Australia. However, the data show variations in that only 50% of all CPAP users are compliant with their treatment after two months of use. The latter is regrettable since if CPAP devices are utilised correctly, it has almost a 100% success rate in stopping the apnea episodes. As a result, the numbers do not lie; if you are going to end your sleep apnea, you have to do significant diligence before you start your treatment and get a proper fitting apnea mask.

Most apnea masks are constructed out of soft silicone plastic and are in triangular form. The masks are positioned over their user’s nose, mouth, or both. From there, the mask is attached to tubing that receives pressurised air from the CPAP gadget that eventually opens up obstructed or collapsed tissues in the air passages. A snuggly fitted apnea mask will prevent leakage of pressurised air. As one might picture, if an air leak ought to take place, less pressure will eventually go to its user and not perform to the proper requirement. Thus, the mask is held in place by flexible straps or head equipment.

It is a great idea when picking apnea masks to always go for the one that is smaller so that you can accomplish a more firm fit. Additionally, it is also crucial to keep in mind that although the triangular mask is the most popular, make sure that you also take a look at other choices such as nasal pillows or nasal prongs that are much smaller sized and utilise gadgets that either insert straight into the nasal passage or seal around it.

Your Doctor is the one who will direct you to a supplier of CPAP equipment. A Home Long Lasting Medical Equipment (DME) provider is typically responsible for supplying CPAP devices apnea masks. Most dealerships will bring the stuff to your home and reveal you how to use it and handle all the insurance coverage billing too. However, as you can think of, DME companies are not all the same, and you ought to sure your provider has expert experienced sleep apnea workers and a wide range of apnea masks to choose from.

This is the time to be extremely selective, for instance, each mask is designed to handle various issues such as facile hair (nasal pillows), mouth breathers (full face mask), nose just breathers (nasal mask), and dry skin or oily skin that can impact the fit of the sleep apnea mask. Your dealership will know what is best for you. Also, do not be worried if you discover a comfortable apnea mask that is produced by a different business than the CPAP equipment, a lot of are made to fit the generic tubing that originates from the machine.

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